My Passion For Photography is Insurmountable!

I am Deidre K. Mayers (DKM), a lover of the camera from as far back as I can remember. I was in the days of using the 35mm camera with film, manual, semi- automatic and automatic. 
Photography is my passion and I will shoot anything that looks interesting. I am fond of doing Portraits, Landscapes, Flora & Fauna and the list goes on. Once I can click the shot is taken. It is also a sense of comfort and soothes me in my high and low moments. 
The art created from shooting is nothing short of amazing and I surely enjoy every moment of it and each day it is my intention to improve this craft.
Here's to hoping your viewing pleasure is a total experience as I endeavour to create long- lasting memories. Comments and Critiques are welcome!! All Photos Copyrighted to Deidre K. Mayers. All Rights Reserved